SpHaus was born in October 2003 thanks to Filippo Dell’Orto business flair. The idea is simple: first of all the will to express the designer own creativity, not in a subordinate way but by himself, becoming manager. And then to start a brand new company (unusual fact in Italy today) positioned in a very limited niche market field, but at the same time able to affirm its own brand amongst the historical names of contemporary design. The first collection, that marks the public debut at the 2004 Milan furnishing fair, is a raising of 15 projects, almost all designed by Filippo Dell’Orto: they outline the essential spHaus world. They are tables, coffee tables, seats and lights, characterized by a pure, non-decorative design, but functional, not minimal. Anywhere out of the world is the claim that supports the logo, it tells of a place far away in the time and space: it’s a science-fictional place.

The elegant settings of Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey, Lucas’ THX 1138 and many other masterpieces in the same style are the main source of inspiration. During 2005 13 pieces added to the catalogue: the desire is now to enlarge the range, introducing projects conceived by different hands that, carrying on the spHaus style line, could in the same time enrich the variety. We selected some amongst the most talented young designers coming from all over, bringing to a more mature and advanced collection. In 2006 spHaus presents to the Milan Fair public the third collection: new products marking a further development in research and innovation, both on the aesthetical and technological side. Dodo Arslan, Setzu e Shinobu Ito, Lorenzo Damiani, Johannes Torpe, Fabio Bortolani, are just some of our designers, we are working with them to give our contribution to the contemporary design.