Olivieri S.P.A. is a successful Italian business established for more than 80 years and specialises in producing high quality contemporary furniture at its factory in Italy. Its extensive product range includes beds, chest of drawers, tables, chairs, wardrobes and wall systems. All Olivieri’s products reflect their emphasis on design and quality.

The history of Olivieri is the history of 80 years of three generations of a family that have left a lasting impression on the Italian and world's furniture industry. The company was founded by Gregorio Olivieri (1908) who showed a creative flair from an early age. When he was 9 year old, he worked as a blacksmith before starting to make furniture. In 1929 when he was only 21 years old, he had progressed to setting up his own furniture business with a factory in northern Italy. In a short space of time, the company had established a reputation for quality throughout Italy and had grown to a size where it was employing 120 people.

Gregorio then handed over the leadership of the company to his son, Tullio. When Tullio was very young, he was already working in the business with his father and displaying a precocious talent for innovation. His talent for invention was illustrated when he subsequently went on to copyright 9 designs in the production of wooden furniture. Together with his wife Teresa, Tullio increased the company's turnover and in 1967 established a new factory which incorporated new solutions and new technologies.

Ten years ago, the reins of the company were taken up by Tullio's two children, Marco and Enrica. This dynamic young management team have been able to meet business challenges by anticipating the new furniture trends. They are committed to the development of Olivieri by remaining true to the company's tradition of high quality, exclusive design and customisation according to the requirements of the customer. A further indication of this ongoing commitment is the construction in 2004 of a new 1600 square metre showroom, 'Home Design' to showcase the complete Olivieri product range.