Kolekcja lamp hiszpańskiej marki Fambuena to eklektyczna mieszanka, która obejmuje nowoczesne lampy ze szkła, andaluzyjskie wzory z jedwabnych wstążek, dziwaczne wisiorki, nylonowe abażury i lampy z drewna, czy metalu. Fambuena za pomocą języka obiektów kreuje atmosferę i emocje, które rozświetlają wnętrza. To zaszczyt dla nas zaproponować Państwu te piękne lampy, których jesteśmy dealerem w Polsce.

Fambuena offers ultra-premium contemporary lighting from Spain. The Frambuena product line is an eclectic mix that includes: Hoopglass ceiling and wall lights; the Dress, Ossy, Swing, Back Light and Bizarre Pendants; and an unexpected collection of table and floor lamps. At Fambuena, their vision is fixed on the ambiance and emotions created through the language of objects. The Fambuena design team includes Jurgen Laub, Markus Jehs, Vincente Garcia Jimenez, Sabine Leuthold, Cristian Malisan and Niccola Nerboni.

Who doesn't like the excitement of a little drama - or in Fambuena's case, a lot of drama? When it comes to high fashion, boutique lighting, Fambuena is at the forefront in offering cutting-edge designs. An international group of renowned designers, including Jurgen Laub, Markus Jehs, Vincente Garcia Jimenez and Sabine Leuthold collaborate at Fambuena's headquarters in Valencia, Spain, to create... These innovative, sculptural lights. Intrigued by the play between light and shadow, many Fambuena lamps are designed with experimental and trendsetting materials. These fixtures are ideal for creating drama and surprise within hospitality venues, along with residential and commercial spaces. The Fambuena lighting line features ceiling lights, table lamps, wall sconces, pendants and floor lamps. Each light defines a unique artistic expression that can become the focal piece of your room or an accent to your present contemporary motif.