Sprzedajemy armaturęy łazienkowej włoskiej firmy Zucchetti oraz ceramikę i meble ekskluzywnej marki KOS. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z ofertą obu producentów, w których ofercie znajdziecie Państwo takie produkty jak Wosh, Soft, Bellagio, Delphi, Aguablu czy dwie niezwykłe serie produktów ceramiki łazienkowej Faraway i Morphing.


Zucchetti was established in 1929 and, with its 80 years' experience in the production of domestic taps and fittings, currently features as the undisputed leader of an increasingly evolving market. Since the outset, Zucchetti has been a design-oriented company with a strong cultural identity, based of the awareness that industrial design is not born of the creativity of a single individual, but is achieved solely through the collaboration of a group of people who jointly contribute the skills needed for the realization of the project.

Research and innovation, design and product quality have always been the cornerstones of the company's philosophy. A ground-breaking study of formal aesthetics, supported by the collaboration of the best designers - such as Matteo Thun, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba or William Sawaya, just to mention a few - and the constant application of advanced technology, allow the timely evolution of products to meet new trends, or respond to the requirements of the global market in an increasingly effective manner.

Today the Zucchetti brand enjoys international recognition, owing to its communication initiatives, the presence of its products in prestigious showrooms worldwide and participation in contracts or residential projects authored by the most influential architects. In all its collections Zucchetti interprets contemporaneity through a global project: while asserting the brand's identity, the company is open to cultural exchanges and aware of the complexities of present-day society. The Zucchetti catalogue is the best representation of the company's wish to entertain international relations, interpreting a wide variety of tastes, for users who have elected well-being as a primary value, and who choose to surround themselves with unique amenities, to be enjoyed day by day.


Kos was established in 1998, manufacturing whirlpool baths and multi-function shower cabins. Since 2001, the company's attested technical expertise in the sector has been complemented by the design and strategic experience of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, art directors and authors of the entire collection. An important alliance, which in just a few years has engendered a unique and unprecedented collection of small architectural wonders for bathrooms: bath tubs, multi-function shower boxes, shower trays, wash basins with sculptural aesthetics and cutting-edge ergonomics, with which to reinvent the style and shape of your bathroom. In just a few years, the Kos collection has won acclaim as an icon of the contemporary bathroom.

Products, outfittings, graphics and communication projects are fashioned according to a unique and strategic vision that over the years has made Kos an immediately recognizable brand, a leader in the international panorama. The contemporary users targeted by Kos are people who love to surround themselves with objects that express their own personality and world, combining different experiences of taste and cross-cultural contaminations.

Well-being and pleasure become a part of everyday domestic living. There's a demand today for a global physical and sensory experience. People want to touch, and to savour emotions that relate to their body, to the feel of things. Essential lines, construction proportions, attention to detail and accurate finishing: all this identifies the Kos touch, a unique sensory experience, for the body and for the mind.

In 2007 Kos becomes part of the Zucchetti group: two leading brands in the international panorama of bathroom design, whose merger translates into a sole concept: the desire to exploit all the new opportunities offered by the bathroom world, creating products of coordinated design and strong personality, meeting different demands in taste, and capable of personalizing and redesigning an environment, while transforming it into a veritable statement of lifestyle.

"The Kos collections stem from a vision that aims to bring together quality of life and design; the Zucchetti collections traditionally interpret the contemporaneous and complex spirit of international society. Today the Zucchetti.Kos Group proposes a new bathroom dimension: complete, innovative, unprecedented. A new iconography that suggests alluring cultural melting pots, sensitivity to different tastes, poetic metropolitan influences. The bathroom world: no longer a ritual, but an experience" - explains Elena Zucchetti, architect, CEO of Zucchetti.Kos - "Rooted in 80 years of culture and expertise of the Zucchetti brand, and in the strength and dynamism of the Kos brand, this vision fashions innovative and exclusive icons of contemporary style".

Kos is aimed at a high-end, design-oriented market. Kos customers love to choose, they want to create their own very personal domestic scene, their living landscape.