Feel welcome – this is Schönbuch’s guiding principle. The company’s core competence is in supplying creative, functional solutions and furnishing concepts for the entrance area. Loft apartments in big cities, detached houses in rural areas or contract furnishing with specific utilisation requirements – Schönbuch has the ideal solutions: hall and lobby systems, wardrobes, creative storage space design, individual items of exceptional character and accessories for good living. Every Schönbuch product satisfies the most stringent design, material and workmanship standards. Function is always the creative stimulus; innovative use of a subtly composed palette of colours is an additional feature of the entire collection.

Every entrance area is different, not only structurally but also in its users’ functional needs and design preferences. Schönbuch responds to this almost unlimited number of space formats and clients’ individual wishes with a big selection of models and versions that demonstrate its unceasing creative powers. Entrance areas have to be more than just practical: they are the calling card of the house, apartment or office. This prestige aspect is an element in all Schönbuch designs. They transform the hall, corridor, lobby or entrance area into an entirely new experience.

The Schönbuch brand was relaunched in 2005, a task that has now been completed successfully. The systematically chosen products and designs, and the designers with whom Schönbuch now cooperates, are the basis for the brand’s success. New stars on the international design scene determine the character of the collection along with designers of high repute who have worked for Schönbuch on many occasions in the past. Together with their product designs, they symbolise the company’s creative variety; each of them has interpreted the call for functionality in his or her very own way.

The Schönbuch Collection presents a blend of purist product focus and carefully conceived, colourful eye-catching features. This visual concept, with its high recall value, is a feature of the company’s own showroom, but also of all its trade-fair presentations, international press dossiers, trade and end-user brochures and the Schönbuch online shop. Product presentations specifically aimed at leading international specialist dealers are an important element in communication of the Schönbuch brand’s external image. Like the exhibitions, they are concentrate on various product groups and arrangements. Whether in the large trade-air boxes or with open-plan layouts, the result is always an overall picture that underlines the unique character of the Schönbuch brand.