Pluma cubic is a symbiosis of natural feathers and clear, geometric forms combined to create illuminated objects. pluma cubic pieces are entirely hand-crafted. 2,000 to 4,000 goose or rooster feathers, individually selected for uniformity, are used to create each lamp.
The quills pierce the textile shade in a dense pattern, creating a homogeneous surface. Both sides of the shade remain visible: the elegance and natural softness of the feathers themselves as well as the spiky, horn-like quills.

Pluma cubic pieces are completely hand-crafted. 2,000 to 4,000 individually selected goose or rooster feathers, chosen for their homogeneity, are used to create each light. Due to their horn-like material, feathers are very durable. Under the right conditions, they can last for centuries, as shown by the traditional feather ornaments made by the natives of North and South America, which can still be admired in museums today. The feathers used for pluma cubic lamps come from birds that have been bred for consumption. The feathers are hand-plucked and are certified to have been cleaned in accordance with veterinary standards.