Noodoll is a whimsical, playful, design brand. We create striking accessories, happy monsters and charming stationery for big and little ones. Our studio is based in London where each Noodoll product is lovingly created. We always aim to make our designs bring a smile to your face!

Noodoll was created by designer and author YiYing Wang (王怡穎) as part of her MA in communication design at the Central Saint Martins, London.

The imaginary story began with rice and noodle concept. Noodoll, a famous celebrity and resident of Noodle Town where everything and everyone was made of noodles, who had many monster pals live in the near by Rice Town called Ricemonsters! Those mischievous Ricemonsters jumped out from Yiying’s imagination and entered our world as a gang of endearing plush toys and stationery range since 2010. Started with a modest selection of toys (Ricemon and Riceroar being the first two!) and accessories range but our Ricemonster family gets a little bigger every year!

Our customers often tell us that they’ve fallen in love with the wonderful and unique world of Noodoll. We reckon that the potent combination of cheerful, bright design, humour, honest quality and affordability has this effect. Noodoll can now be found in reputable stores such as the Conran Shop, Foyles, Centre Pombidou, Bonton, Tate Modern and 400 other galleries, gift and concept stores worldwide. Please visit our stockists to see where you can get a piece of Noodoll.