Fabulous Goose is a Scandinavian company founded on a desire to deliver outstanding quality and the belief that it should always be easy for customers to make a safe and rewarding choice. We go beyond design, beyond trends and focus on conveying emotions and personality into practical pieces that can be used and lived in. In doing so, we offer a unique fusion of sophisticated design, ethical production and safe, natural materials. The Fabgoose product range is perfect for anyone who values exceptional quality and outstanding design. Each of our collections has its own unique style: we give the designers we work with a theme, but allow them complete  freedom to be creative and keep their own signature style. Committed to our environment, we produce all our products locally in the most sustainable way possible. They all made using pure, clean and non-toxic processes. Consequently, they all comply with strict ecological standards and carry certificates, which highlight their superior quality, reliability and easy-care characteristics. So you can rest assure that your family – from the biggest member to the littlest of them all – is in safe hands.