It is a tender and endearing design! A universe pretty, feminine and delicate. A brand of beautiful costume jewelry and accessories to wear every day as a link with which you offered your hand or childhood. It is also a world of small objects that malicious calls home. It is a brand that caters to those who do not take themselves seriously! Grizzly darling likes to illustrate, to live life, by putting a touch of playfulness. 

They will be of good quality, created in good humor and manufactured in compliance. Textile side ingredients ...

-From Organic cotton exclusively. We use only organic cotton. Our fabrics meet the GOTS label that certifies that it is grown without GMOs and respects the environment at every stage of its production. Organic cotton represents only 10 percent of world production.

-A Guarantee print "AZO FREE" respectful of your skin and our planet.

-An Impeccable tailoring. Rigorous preparation requires a methodical choice of fabrics, organic cotton exclusively, but also the son and padding. We use a French expertise and doing work one of the last factories in Britain.

-Of Rigorous tests in French laboratories. Our dolls, Ruby, Suzie, Lilly, Indy and Sharky were all tested in French laboratories and meet European compliance standards, certified by the CE label as a toy adapted at least 36 years oops ... 36 months, the standard More Strict. Our dolls are suitable for all ages.

The warranty CE standard: The absence of lead or azo dyes in impressions. 

(Your baby will probably chew her doll lovingly it is very important that the tissue is no health risk) 

The strength of the fabric and seams under high pressure. 

The non-flammability.

In summary, you can give a darling Grizzly doll your little one in all quietude.