Mifuko combines traditional African handcraft techniques with Finnish design.

Mifuko means pocket in Swahili language. Mifuko was founded by Minna Impiö and Mari Martikainen in 2009.

Mifuko works a Helsinki-Nairobi-axis. While the designs are done by Finnish artists they are inspired by the colours, textures and vibrancy of Africa. Every product is designed in such a way as to utilize traditional craftsmanship and available materials.

Mifuko workshops are all small. Several workshops employ less fortunate artisans, who are disabled or HIV-positive. Transparency is an integral part of the production chain.

Mifuko aims to support local workshops, which care about the welfare of their artisans and produce environmentally friendly products. We hope that our association with these small businesses will help talented artisans to obtain regular incomes, learn about new markets and adapt their existing skills.

We guarantee that the products are made in a good groove!