Designer Søren Rørbæk grew up by the sea in the North of Denmark. The sea,the sand and the beaches were always and still are great aspects of his everyday life. This has left an obvious mark on how he reflects on life and the way he and his family live their lives. His major source of inspiration is the simple summer life. He captures the poetry in nature and appreciates details and functionality.

Oliver Furniture is an authentic and charming concept of furniture for kids and adults designed by Søren Rørbæk. The foundation comes from the old Scandinavian furniture traditions. In 2003 Oliver Furniture started with a collection of romantic adult furniture. In 2004 Oliver Furniture introduced a very charming kids´ collection with a large selection of kids´ furniture in the same style as the adult collection.
Oliver Furniture has had great success ever since and has now a very large retailer network in Scandinavia, Germany and the rest of Europe.