Perhaps it is merely a question of age, but we feel we are a lively, somewhat different company. We have this passion for design that drives us to scan the international panorama, to discover new collaborations and to shape original designs. We choose the products that we want to create, seeing the ingeniousness of the idea and quality of the result, regardless of the conformism of this moment’s trends. Background, age and geographical coordinates of the creative persons working with us constitute a veritable wealth and are fundamental in creating the variety of tactile and visual emotions that each piece stirs up. Precisely because of these emotions, we feel that the heritage of several fundamental elements of design history should be preserved and that space should be given to the innovation of contemporary languages. We literally scent down those that are committed to experimenting materials and shapes, and who, like ourselves, accept eclectic challenges. Plastic, wood, steel and leather: we want to create objects that are unique in their kind, we want to combine craftsmanship and technology whenever necessary, without exceptions.

Because B-LINE speaks to the strong-minded and all those who like to choose their very own style.

description: producer of complementary furnishing items with top-ranking design content

year: debut in 1999, after a period of study and multidisciplinary application

origin: made in Italy

materials: the average age of employees is around thirty five

applications: home, office and public areas: wherever a space needs furnishing

distribution: 30 different countries (in all five continents) through a capillary network of agents and distributors

key-words: quality, originality, enthusiasm