Skagerak Denmark has for decades been synonymous with Danish garden furniture design in high international class. Common for all products is that they are developed from a philosophy anchored in the values of the maritime world. Products from Skagerak Denmark are recognized for the good craftsmanship and the durable materials – and shape and function form a synthesis.

The later year Skagerak Denmarks has expanded the collections with design furniture for both in- and outside and a broad selection of household accessories and gift articles. These are also made in the wellknown types of wood that Skagerak has used for generations but also new modern materials such as fiber concrete, Fiber Loom wicker and plastic. All Skagerak Denmark products carry a visible logo which is broadly recognized for the simple look, elegant design and multifunctional usage.

When we point out that our products are “designed for generations”, we don’t simply mean that we use the best materials. We also choose skilled designers to bring our visions to life. That is why we collaborate with a permanent team of designers and architects to create products that unite the designers’ ideas with your needs and our product philosophy. This gives each piece of furniture a strongly individual identity that nevertheless blends into the overall concept. See more about our designers on website www.skagerak-denmark.com

Skagerak Denmark continuously endeavours to provide the highest quality possible throughout the value chain. Accordingly, quality also involves an environmentally responsible manufacturing process based on sustainable, renewable resources and – just as importantly – respecting the people who in one way or another are affected by the manufacture of our products.
Environmental responsibility deals with more than just the use of sustainable resources. It also entails the service life of our products. When you choose a quality product in a design you like, it will last many years – in terms of both its functionality and its aesthetic qualities. As a result, you minimize the environmental impact of the extraction of raw materials, manufacture and transport. Whether a set of furniture lasts twenty years or has to be replaced four or five times during the course of twenty years makes a big difference – also in terms of the environment.