We have chosen to work surrounded by nature and we have projected calm and pleasing work spaces. Rexa is the ideal place where to share ideas and to take part of realization of new and challenging projects.

Everyone, following him/her talents and skills, have part in the diffusion and implementation of “to do culture”, that is the base of our way to work.
We project and make design bath furnishing using technical materials such as Corian® and Korakril™, with a responsible and sustainable approach. Through a 1.300 smq photovoiltaic plant is able to produce 206.000 Kwh/year, the energy required to fulfill our functions: from production to light, till air conditioning. We have at our disposal almost 7000 sqm where take place offices, warehouse, design department (very important to test our ideas), production, showroom and dispatch office.

We have dedicated ourselves to work products in solid surface and we have gained the necessary experience to project and to realize design furnishes with high quality. We can personalize our standard products, or we can make new ones on dimension required, following customer’s drawing. In any case, we grant a Made in Italy product, environmental friendly.