Originally, the Vipp bin was intended for Marie only. However, many wives of doctors and dentists have their hair done at Marie’s salon and find the Vipp bin perfect for their husbands’ clinics, particularly in light of its practical and sturdy design. Thus the pedal bin soon becomes a permanent feature of Danish clinics. Holger Nielsen is not designer but metal turner, which craft is based on a function that subsequently defines the aesthetics of a product. The original bin is not designed in the strict traditional sense but gets its visual expression in response to a number of functional criteria: A big foot so that it is stable, a dome-shaped steel lid that is easy to clean; ears on each side so it is easy to move around and a rubber ring on the base to protect the floor. Functionality remains the starting point for the production of Holger Nielsen’s metal factory until his death in 1992.

“Good design never goes out of fashion”, Holger used to say. Time has proven him right; the Vipp bin has only been marginally improved since it saw the light of day back in 1939.