from the 1950s to the present day the activities of desalto have always been seamlessly part of the production tradition of la brianza, an exceptional area in which the masters of italian design have found a fertile terrain in a determined, passionate enterprise culture.the founders of desalto are among those manufacturers who have contributed to spreading the idea of products based on inexhaustible technical and technological research at the service of great functionality throughout the world.over time the fertile relationship between designer and producer has sustained a virtuous circle that gave rise to an offer of design products that are elegant and of the highest quality standards. on one hand desalto, who,as a manufacturing company, offers meticulous control over all the phases of development, from the initial idea to the prototype,to the engineering of the product. on the other, the many italian and foreign designers, both well established ones and emerging youngsters, called upon to make their creative contributions. among these, marco acerbis, pierluigi cerri, arik levy, shin azumi, denis santachiara, gordon guillaumier, caronni-bonanomi, piergiorgio cazzaniga, bruno fattorini&partners , pocci-dondoli.

the result is the many products that have now become internationally recognised bestsellers, such as the helsinki and liko families of tables, the sand and trace chairs and the kloe armchair. the company has received many significant recognitions and awards: liko by arik levy, the best of the best award at the interior Innovation Awards Cologne 2003. In 2004, in the same context, the Classic Innovation award for the Tender table and in 2005 the selection of no less than three products: the liko glass table, the 4to8 table by arik levy and hang shelves by claudio caramel. the kloe armchair also received an award in product design section of the prestigious red dot design award 2009.
and the fluid system in the“wallpaper design awards”2009.the company employs avantgarde technologies such as a structural steel laser cutting plant, robotic welding and painting and the clever amalgamation of different materials, valuing the intrinsic qualities of metal,glass,wood and plastics. as ever sensitive to the environmental sustainability of the entire production process, desalto boasts an exemplary water cycle in the galvanic plant that is used, recycled and finally purified respecting the most stringent regulations. the new photovoltaic plant composed of 1730 solar panels has been active since 2011. the energy generated is enough to fully meet the company’s requirements,creating a virtuous circle that positions desalto among the companies most attentive and committed to sustainable practices. considerable investment and great attention have always been devoted to communication. under the guidance first of orange design and then of studio castiglioni-cavalli-zurcher,catalogues, advertising campaigns have been designed by exceptional photographers such as gionata xerra and ramak fazel.2011 marked the unveiling of a new press campaign the playful and surreal concept for which has been devised by the lively imagination of chiara boselli / porcupine with atmospheric photographs by frenchwoman sophie delaporte.