Jesteśmy dystrybutorem marki Bent Hansen w Polsce.

Stepping off the edge – and with courage to try something new Henrik Hvid Hansen is constantly challenging materials and shapes to their full potential.
He is the innovative force behind Bent Hansen a/s, and the designer of a collection of organic shaped sofas and lounge chairs. To develop furniture that sharpens your senses and pleases the eyes, you have to have a deep respect for the fine art in upholstery. If you can master the art of balancing function and aesthetics, Henrik finds you have created the perfect designed furniture. The aim is to create furniture with a strong visual identity, and still maintain its functionality.

A high level of quality is without a doubt important to Henrik Hvid Hansen, third generation and educated upholsterer. Surrounded by qualified craftsmen, he has the best opportunities to try out new ideas, re-developing already known products and testing different kinds of leather and textiles. The interaction between shapes and materials is fascinating according to Henrik Hvid Hansen. He uses all his knowledge, in cooperation with the fabric factory Gabriel, to develop new ways to upholster.

Spending several years on finding the right balance in a piece of furniture is not uncommon. Every piece has to present it selves perfectly from all angles.
As a designer Henrik Hvid Hansen is to a great extent disciplined in his work. Art is an enormous inspiration source and he is inspired by the English artist and sculptor Henry Moore’s universe of organic and monumental sculptures. Always curious, Henrik Hvid Hansen has an open mind for anything that can help him in the process of designing.