GRID is a multi-purpose organizational system that allows for flexibility and purpose in every room. GRID is designed by Peter J. Lassen.

GRID Basic module:
The Basic Module is a 40 x 40 x 40 cm cube created using a 12 mm nylon frame (PA6) reinforced with fibreglass.
This cube is supplied with mounting holes and can be easily assembled in all dimensions with pinol screws. Once you have the Basic Module you can add sides, tops, base, cross braces, drawers, doors, etc.
GRID comes in two colours, black (RAL 9011) and white (RAL 9016).

Basic Collection:
Comprising the individual parts of the collection, from the Basic Module, sides, tops, bases and cross braces to the insert kits with drawers and doors - elements that make it possible to tailor the furniture to precisely your needs.

Preassembled Modules:
Preassembled Modules are a small selection of preassembled ’building blocks’ that can be used as they are or built up further to create just the kind of furniture you want. The collection consists of:
Low tables with top in clear glass, mirror or black or white lacquered MDF.
Stools and benches with top in black or white lacquered MDF or with upholstered seats in four different colours.
Building modules consisting of preassembled basic modules in a variety of heights and widths. You can use the building modules as they are, or you can keep building by combining them with other building modules. You choose yourself which shelves, sides, cross braces, drawers, doors, etc. you want and how they should be placed.
Showcases in three different heights with acrylic or polycarbonate.
Shop displays with clear glass, clear mirror or bronze mirror. Can be used as they are or put them together yourself to make many different combinations.