De Castelli was founded in 2003. Its owner Albino Celato is the heir to a family that has worked with iron for over three generations.
The De Castelli brand builds objects up to very large scales for the indoors and outdoors, in iron, Cor-Ten and stainless steel, mixing the sophisticated crafting skill inherited from a centuries-old crafting tradition with the innovation made possible by today’s most cutting-edge technology. There is always a precious and meticulous handcrafting process that characterizes production details and the overall quality of the De Castelli creations, making them a mix of design, art and craftsmanship.

Vases and sculptures whose design is reminiscent of everyday objects (bottles, flower pots, kitchen cabinets), familiar forms that change scale and rely on unusual materials to acquire a new aesthetic meaning, generating an unexpected visual and emotional impact, becoming a significant material presence within the space where they are located.

From the Oriental contaminations of the large sinuous sculptures to the extra-large vases with their shimmering surfaces, from the sparkling lamps with their gold-leaf surfaces to the geometric seating made precious by its luxurious upholstery, the entire production by De Castelli is distinguished by the finest manufacturing quality, expressed in the meticulous attention to detail and the handcrafting skill that characterizes all the finish and decorating work.