Jesteśmy dealerem portugalskiej marki DELIGHTFULL oferującej ręcznie robione oświetlenie odzwierciedlające lata 30-te, 40-te i 50-te. DELIGHTFULL’s unique collection called Heritage is full of suggestions that can give you a broad selection of high quality lighting pieces, adjustable to many kinds of atmosphere and space. Heritage assorted 30’s, 40’s and 50’s Soul and Jazz legacy with the major value a man can have – WISDOM – to do with his own hands. A multipurpose collection with 45 pieces with aesthetic character combined in 4 typologies.

SUSPENSION DELIGHTFULL’s suspension lamps are stunning in the way they illuminate and in the way they look as well. FLOOR They offer lighting in a room that might need it and they also bring a decorative touch. DELIGHTFULL offer some of the most iconic designs and you also can find out new inspired lamps. TABLE Perfect lamps to use at the office, hotel desks or bedside. DELIGHTFULL as a broad and unique offer of these lamps in Heritage collection. WALL DELIGHTFULL’s wall lamps are a perfect touch of ambience and personality in your house.