Our home is our refuge: always ready to welcome us, it is where we feel most comfortable and the place which we are always glad to return to. Our home is also part of our identity: we express ourselves through it and people see us at our best there. Our home arises from our personal history: it is the sum and synthesis of our experience.

A significant mixture of circumstance, objects, spaces, tastes and needs shapes the character of our home. The Sancal Home collection offers a carefully-chosen selection of crucial and versatile products which will adapt to one’s personality.

A central part of our home is our sofa: a voluminous piece of furniture of great presence which defines the space it inhabits. Sancal demands two things of this fundamental piece: beauty and comfort - an extensible foundation for the rest of our products.

Comfort is essential because, for a large part of the most peaceful moments in our day, we are relaxing on the sofa: unforgettable movies and novels, our best naps, interesting conversations and chats, profound discussions, the most fun parties, our best caresses… and some not-so-good-times, too… be as it may, those hours we spend on our sofa should never be surrendered, they are the daily indulgence we deserve.

Beauty is vital as a way of expression, as happiness and harmony, encompassing good looks without frivolity, beauty invokes myriad sensations. The Sancal Home collection presents beautiful products in themselves, but, overall, products which aspire to be fitting in context and the context is one’s home: they are required to be generous in sharing space - neither invading nor altering the beauty of the setting.

Our homes are converted into functional spaces thanks to the features of the designs we integrate into them; but we can also convert them into relaxing and dynamic spaces so that we, who inhabit them, are able to be expressive, enthusiastic and to grow without the constraints of any fleeting trends.