Sprzedajemy produkty marki Giulio Marelli.

The company was established in 1964 and it grounded its roots in the little handicraft business of the 1920s created by Giulio Marelli, company that in the course of time specialised in production of wooden frames for armchairs and sofas. The most important turning point was in the mid-1960s when thanks to the experience achieved in the previous years, company Giulio Marelli concentrated on the production of upholstered sofas and armchairs, and participated in the first fairs in this field. A new collection was introduced at the end of 1990s, and was intended for contract furniture market and in the meantime for a marked internationalization which led the company to export most of its production to the most important international markets. Family business: the company is from its origins a family business and this brings an extreme attention to the needs of market and a closeness to the customers and to the sell-force.

Quality, innovation, punctuality and customer service: these are the distinctive elements which characterize the desire to talk with the customers and offer them not only a first-rate product but above all a high level service. Flexibility and special service: our ability to comply with customer's wishes and demands is a special service to the most exigent customers. Customer service - before and after sale: main feature of the company is to follow the order in all its phases, consequently also in assistance for planning of order and in the after-sales service. 100% made in Italy: there is a constant research which aims to link together the handibraft tradition with the innovations and the demands of market, in order to export all over the world the excellent production abilities which are presented in the industrial and manufacturing disctrict of Brianza.

All of our products are designed in order to respect the best qualitative standards regarding both the materials and the manufacturing. Special attention is given to the study of product life cycle, and to the use of recycled and recyclable materials. The planning phase tries to balance the design requirements with the ones linked to the product sustainability, so the materials are chosen on base of these principles.Here some concrete examples: polyurethane-foams are CFC free and don't contain toxic substances, wood comes from certified PEFC forests, leathers come only from tanneries situated in the north of Italy with high environmental standards and/or with certificates of environmental balance of product.