In 1994 the designer Arturo Álvarez establishes his own company, he starts to re-invent the antique lighting technique of tiffany for luminaries and obtains timeless, beautiful, simple objects with great personality with a unique and own style. In the last years he decided to re-construe the use of common materials of daily use, bringing them out of their standard environments, and looking for new applications and concepts in order to come upon the observer.

In 2008 he creates LAB arturo alvarez, an area of expression, innovation and experimentation for Arturo Álvarez himself and to give free hand to the sensibility of other designers, until now we have had the cooperation of Héctor Serrano, El Último Grito and Martín Arzúa. Our seriousness, quality and know-how make the brand step by step better know in both prestige and recognition. The best companies in decoration, lighting and contract professionals of more than 30 countries of Europe, Far East Asia, the UAE and USA are actually committed to our brand. After 15 years of work, we gained in 2008 our first award. Gea, a floor lamp designed by Arturo Álvarez, obtained the prestigious international award “Good Design”.


“EMOTIONAL LIGHT” identifies the spirit and philosophy of arturo alvarez.
The human being is in the center of our work, with its interests, not only the technical and material, but also the subtlest and the most important ones too, as the emotional. We pretend our designs to generate positive mental reactions and wellness.

OUR MISSION: We put all our hopes and resources to provide with hand-made designs, meticulous in every detail and able to fulfill all the lighting and emotional need of any human being. We spread this concept of the human being as the centre of our project all around the CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: arturo alvarez is actively involved in developing the emotional, delicate and human aspects in all the areas of activity of the company and also within the society.