EX.T jest młodym włoskim producentem artykułów wyposażenia i dekoracji przeznaczonego do nowoczesnych łazienek. Współpracujemy z tą marką oferując ich produkty w Polsce. Zapraszamy.

Ex.t is a young Italian brand working in the field of interior decoration for the bathroom and, increasingly, also for the home. Ex.t promotes a design which aims to be high quality yet affordable, not following trends but expressing a strong and coherent identity in its diversity. The encounter between emerging designers, selected from around the world, and the Italian artisanal tradition generates immediately recognizable design objects characterised by bold shapes and vivid colors. Thanks to their versatility and flexibility, Ex-t objects can be combined creatively to obtain domestic scenographies which are always different and personal, inside and outside the bathroom.

But how was this idea of giving such versatility to the objects , Ex.t' s strongest added value, generated? "During the last year - says Andrea Tanini, architect and creator of the brand - we realized that the elements that made up Ex.t style had an independent intrinsic strength. We only supported their natural evolution by creating a product development plan which will be divided into three macrecategories, distinct but interdependent." Bathroom, Objects, Surfaces: on the one hand, the experience gained in bathroom is consolidated, while in parallel new products for the home and research into surfaces and materials are brought forward.