Nasza firma jest przedstawicielem i dystrybutorem pochodzącej z Berlina designerskiej grupy LLOT LLOV. Marka LLOT LLOV oferuje produkty wyposażenia wnętrz wykonane całkowicie ręcznie (lampy Matt, Rey, Earl, biurko Clark, stoliki James ...). Wiele z nich to wyłącznie limitowane edycje. Proste, naturalne, funkcjonalne ... produkty LLOT LLOV już w Polsce!

"Because of our love for old things, our fancy for the ordinary and our joy in finding new interpretations, every piece of our work bears llot llovs special signature. Our idea of design is multidimensional: we avoid the drawing of boundaries, setting our preference on the experimental. llot lov look at the world, take risks, learn, understand and interpolate the world in an illogical, intuitive and creative way."

Thinking about a piece of furniture intended for the collection and separation of trash, we first started to research household waste as such. Our intention was, to create an object that people like to use, because it makes itself felt in a room and it is useful and functional.

To find out whether and how recycling can be rewarding, we analyzed the nature of the different kinds of waste. Two things were of interest: the volume and how the trash made it from the kitchen to the trashcan/dustbin. Besides the collecting and sorting of waste we were fascinated by the process that domestic waste created in the mind of the consumer.